Submitted Sessions

Here is the list of proposed sessions.

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Description Track Level Speaker(s)
Saturday Morning Check In In the Dance Studio. dcco
Intro and Welcome A quick word from the organizers. dcco
Group Photograph Stick around in the concert hall so we can get a group photo. dcco
Lunch Explore Denver and find something great to eat:  Auroria Campus Tivoli Brewing Co. - $$ - Just a few hundred yards away from the King Center venue is this lofty craft brewery & taproom featuring more than 50 Colorado draft beers & an American pub menu  900 Auraria Pkwy, Denver, CO 80204 Domo - $$ - Not quite on the campus, but a short 10 minute walk nearby is this unique tree-trunk & stump seating which provides a rustic backdrop for homestyle Japanese... dcco
Saturday Night Party   Come join the Saturday evening party at Tap XIV   The Saturday evening party is brought to you by your friends at Aten Design Group. Come mix and mingle with your fellow drupal community on the rooftop patio at TAP XIV in LODO. 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. 1920 Blake St, Denver, CO, 80202     dcco
Sunday Morning Registration If you just made it today, go ahead and check in at the dance studio. dcco
Lunch Explore and find something good to eat. dcco
Closing Session Take a few minutes and say good bye! dcco
Camp Retrospective Stick around if you helped with this year's camp or want to help on next year's. dcco
Migration Season: Moving your stuff to Drupal 8 We are entering the Drupal migratory season following the release of Drupal 8.0 last November. Business owners and managers are scrambling to upgrade their out-dated and unsupported Drupal 6 websites. The North American Drupal Developer (drupal americae) must be prepared to create custom Drupal 8 migrations in order to meet this migration onslaught head-on. In this presentation we will start with an overview of the core migration modules (still considered experimental in 8.1) followed by a... Development and Site Building Intermediate draenen
Mastering Drupal 8 Views Learn how to build complex displays of content—all without programming. Views was used on more than 80% of all Drupal 7 sites; now it is part of the Drupal 8 core. Learn how to take full advantage of Views' power to create many amazing pages and blocks. Instead of building 10 different view displays with different filters, learn how a contextual filter would require only a single display. But Wait There's More! Views Slices, Dices and makes Julienne Fries Using filters, Views can "... Development and Site Building Beginner Gregg Marshall
Together we can make Drupal The Example for Diversity in Tech! In order to increase the adoption of Drupal across  different communities and cultures, we need to continue working to help the Drupal community be a safe, inclusive and respectful place. In this talk, we’ll outline strategies for being better allies and explain ways that being an ally will make us all better developers. After this session, attendees will have specific strategies to think about how they approach diversity and inclusion, and a list of ways they can be advocates.  ... Business and Open Source techgirlgeek
Creating a Culture of Empowerment What it is, why it matters,
 and how it will improve
 your life and business Drawing on more than 15 years of leadership at Four Kitchens and other creative organizations, Todd Nienkerk will explain why empowerment is the foundation of all successful teams and demonstrate how the open-source philosophy as modeled by the Drupal community can be applied to organizational culture. Business and Open Source Beginner toddross
Jump Start GSAP JS & TimelineLite GSAP has been the most respected tool in Flash animation for almost a decade. The SWF party's over though man. We're like the 20-somethings at a high school kegger. But wait! Greensock is a here to make us cool again! With GSAP JS and their TimelineLite framework, we can animate like its 1999! Oh, and it's easy. You'll learn how to put your tweens on a timeline. Bend timelines to your will by reversing, slowing and even staggering them. Put timelines in timelines. Be the daddy of animation... Front End Beginner Alne1147
Aha! Understanding and Using Render Arrays in Drupal 8 theme() has been a popular function used by Drupal developers since Drupal 4.7. Drupal 7 core calls theme() over 200 times alone. But theme() no longer exists in Drupal 8 and there is no object-oriented equivalent. If we can’t call theme(), how do we render our data with the Twig templates that we’re all so excited about? Render arrays. Every use of a Drupal 8 template starts with a render array and many variables within a template are render arrays themselves. While they did exist before... Front End Intermediate guschilds
Learning How to Learn Drupal --- Description Drupal is a great content framework but it can be daunting for new developers or content managers to master it's various intricacies. Some have likened this to a "learning cliff". The toughest part of learning open source software is how to teach yourself in what is probably a DIY education. This presentation will discuss how to mitigate the major sources of Drupal learning anxiety, and showcase the wealth of resources available so you can bootstrap your way to open source... Beginner Beginner davidcsonka
Automated Visual regression testing and Drupal What is Visual Regression Testing?   Well, it's testing your site for the introduction of bugs (regressions) that affect the look of your site. Maybe you added some styling to one of the product pages on your eCommerce site, and after you pushed those changes to production you find out that, inadvertently, you affected the layout of your checkout page. Or a tweak to the footer layout broke the mega menus in a subsection of the site. Visual Regression Testing is the process you... Development and Site Building Beginner TechNikh
Multiplier effect: case studies in distributions for publishers Join members from both Four Kitchens and Meredith Agrimedia as they discuss the experience of migration and relaunch of the digital presence of two magazines: Successful Farming at and WOOD Magazine at We'll start by discussing the scope of the projects, delve into the commonalities and differences, explore their common advertising and analytics implementation, and analyze the unified distribution that supports both brands. By developing the infrastructure... Development and Site Building Intermediate fluxsauce, cryuskis
How to audit Drupal Sites for performance, content and best practices Thanks to all who attended and asked great questions! Slides - Ever wanted to know if a Drupal site is configured correctly, secure and uses best development practices? Want to integrate those tests into your continuous integration setup? What about providing Drupal audits as a professional service? Join Jon Peck, author of Site Audit as we discuss how and why we should analyze sites, then explore how to use dozens of industry recognized... Development and Site Building Intermediate fluxsauce
Delivering mail in Drupal 8 The idea of sending mail is to get it to the end user and get them to read it right? We'll talk about the first part of that, sending, but also how to make sure it gets all the way there and (hopefully) doesn't just end up being tossed.    * Sending email from code * Building the body[] array in hook_mail() * Altering email sent by another module * Development environments and debugging * Production environments: Clean IPs, SPF, DKIM * Mail services like... Development and Site Building Intermediate rfay
Tip Your Hat to Mr. Behat: An Introduction to Behavior Driven Development within Drupal If you're like me, you probably heard about Test Driven development (TDD) at some point when starting to look into to web development and programming in general. You were told that no development work should start until there is a test written first, and that test shall be red to start. Then you write code to make the test turn green, and eventually you have Christmas party at the end of your sprint full of passing builds for all the good boys and girls...except for me, the guy who gets a lump... Development and Site Building Beginner afinnarn
Plans are useless, but planning is indispensable. "Plans are useless, but planning is indispensable." - Dwight D. Eisenhower In this statement famously attributed to Eisenhower, the implication is that even a well made plan with the best intentions often ends up not being worth the paper it was written on, once the troops hit the beach and the situation moves from speculation to reality. When a plan contradicts the real world, the real world always wins. Knowing that even the best plan will almost certainly fail to account for... Business and Open Source Beginner seddings
Advanced Balloon Animals Object oriented programming is a bit like making balloon animals - you start with a blob, and by imposing a template on it, induce a behavior that causes pleasure. (Yeah, that's a bit of a stretch, but the title was sort of handed to me.) To write a useful module in Drupal 8, you need to be able to manage some basics of object oriented programming.  Let's build a module together and see if we end up with a giraffe, or if a loud noise and a scrap of rubber. (Happily, as with balloons,... Development and Site Building Intermediate jcfiala
Drupal 8 SEO - 12 Essential Modules and Configurations SEO is critical to the success of most web projects. Thanks to the hard work of the core team and module developers, Drupal 8 can be excellent for SEO but, it needs some help. A lot has changed from the previous version in both interface - some functions have been moved into core and some require add-on modules. Not only that, the search engines are constantly updating their algorithms and as Drupalers, we need to adjust our strategies accordingly. There are some essential D8 modules that, if... Development and Site Building Intermediate Ben Finklea
Use Tugboat to Push Your Team into CI At Lullabot we work on some pretty high profile websites with some very large teams.  Over the years we've honed our development and deployment processes to help keep the codebase clean and keep the features rolling out while keeping the bugs out of the code and making sure the stakeholders are happy.   Adding processes and testing often means reducing velocity, so built a tool that not only helps us prevent the velocity drain, but actually speeds up our development process... Business and Open Source Intermediate KeyboardCowboy
Future of the CMS: Decoupled, multichannel, and content-as-a-service Content! It’s everywhere! It’s on websites and apps. It’s displayed on computers, televisions, and watches. It’s heard on phones, radios, and screen readers. How can you keep pace with the rapidly changing landscape of content management and publishing? In this session, you’ll learn how media companies, publishers, universities, and nonprofits are adapting and thriving — all while keeping their content centrally managed and easy to update. We’ll discuss: How decoupling your CMS... Business and Open Source Intermediate toddross
Building Drupal 8 sites with Composer and Configuration Management This is a session I gave at DrupalCon New Orleans. There have been a number of changes to the "proper" way to use composer, and I've learned a lot since then. So, I'm excited to have the chance to present this again with an updated slide deck/demo reel!   Basically, the session will focus on building and maintaining a site with Composer, as well as how to use Configuration Management to push changes from a local environment up to a production one.   We'll use... Development and Site Building Intermediate bjlewis2
Selling Drupal - Confessions of a Solutions Architect Here at DrupalCamp, we all the think Drupal is the best thing since wifi. Unfortunately not every prospective customer feels the same way…..yet.   When prospects are looking for a new CMS platform, they could be comparing Drupal with anything from proprietary systems such as Adobe or Sitecore to other open source software like Wordpress or Joomla. How do we differentiate Drupal, but more importantly, how do we elevate the conversation above just a mundane comparison exercise... Business and Open Source Beginner mtndan
Front End TDD TDD (Test Driven Development) has been used for a long time and has proven itself to be a strong methodology for building solid applications. In the beginning, you might feel like you are wasting time writing tests, but you will spend much less time later on finding the root causes of problems. More importantly, you can concentrate on small units of code and make sure each unit is of good quality. The numbers of tests will grow with the main code, and essentially, you’ll get early feedback on... Front End Intermediate rymcveigh
Understanding and Implementing Website Security Knowing security best practices only gets a team so far. They have to implement them too. This session will cover the security risks that a web development team faces and the underlying reasons why risks can go unaddressed. Ultimately, there are no excuses for leaving your web projects exposed to known vulnerabilities. This session will cover common security concerns for Drupal and the root problems a team needs to solve in order to mitigate these risks. We will cover: Three layers of... Development and Site Building Beginner dgorton
Drupal Author Experience: Simplify & Save Time When the City of Colorado Springs switched to Drupal, there were a myriad of requests from the internal stakeholders: Separate content into departments Publishing workflow Subdomains to silo content and authors Categories for content Menu control for everyone Background and CSS variations per department Never have to collaborate with anyone else ever ever. Ever. Needless to say this created a lot of complexity when it came to building pages. The... Development and Site Building Intermediate omorrill
Pricing Strategy and Planning In an ever evolving marketplace of freelancers and agencies, it is important to not undersell your services. Choosing an approach that makes your services affordable to the right kind of client and works with the rest of your goals can be confusing.  We’ll look at how to focus on values, what differentiates you and how to leverage what make you unique to get to the best prices possible.   This presentation will cover: How to uncover the right pricing strategy to ‘fund your... Business and Open Source Beginner mcdwayne
Agency Sales Tactics and Strategies Successful businesses have happy customers. Taking the time to discover the real problems, pain points and opportunities of your clients will help you propose and sell the solutions they need. This will make them happy. Your business will benefit as a result.   This presentation will cover: Building a sales pipeline and prioritizing the resulting funnel. The importance of Discovery and how to conduct that process. How to help customers define clear business... Business and Open Source Beginner mcdwayne, segar
Functor, Monad, and other scary words (that aren't so scary) Functional programming has a lot of great built in benefits. It allows us to think of our programs in simpler terms, pushing side effects to the edges of our application. It forces us to generally think through what we are solving and the steps to get us there. In this session I will talk about the type classes you can use and build in your JavaScript apps to help you think more functionally. Some knowledge you'll walk away with: What a Functor is, and how to create one What a... Front End Intermediate joshmili
First Class Development Workflow in D8 The goal of this session is to give you a first class pipeline for your code.  We’ll talk about how to set up a local development stack that mirrors production with Docker, how to leverage package managers like Composer/Bower/NPM now, how to set up CI for asset compilation, code quality checks, unit, functional, and performance tests, and how to deploy those changes to a variety of environments, including Pantheon and Acquia.   Drupal development has changed a lot over the last 5... Development and Site Building Advanced rbayliss
Transform Your Drupal Site Into the Ultimate Content Marketing Engine Drupal is a powerful CMS, but today’s businesses and non profits are looking for more. They want a complete platform for building websites and making them successful. Increasingly people are seeking integrated solutions incorporating content strategy, SEO, social media, conversion optimization, contact management, email marketing and advanced analytics in a single platform.   People are demanding websites drive traffic, build trust, engage, convert, nurture and advocate.  Content... Design and Information Architecture Beginner TomDude48
Building Intelligent Websites with Drupal 80% of your results come from 20% of your efforts - the challenge is understanding which 20%. The next generation of websites will do much more than manage content, they will integrate a new level of intelligence that will help your whole team make better, more informed decisions. Ever wonder: What content, topics and authors resonate most with your visitors? Is there a drop off in the user experience on phones or tablets? Is your new site design really making a measurable... Design and Information Architecture Intermediate TomDude48
Atomic Design in Drupal 8: Isolating your frontend workflow with Pattern Lab! Drupal 8 has allowed for the integration of modern workflows into the Drupal community. The transition to Twig as the templating engine specifically provides the space to integrate new patterns and tools into your frontend workflow. Pattern Lab is a static site generator that provides a structure for developing a templating and theming framework based on atomic design. The Twig version of Pattern Lab, along with the Data Transform plugin written by Aleksi Peebles, creates the possibility to... Front End Intermediate asimone
HHVM and Hack(lang): Upgrading PHP HHVM is the Facebook driven replacement for the PHP runtime. In addition to modern architectural choices like threaded request handling and a just-in-time compiler, HHVM provides major performance improvements over the standard PHP runtime and improved analysis tools. HHVM also allows developers to use a new dialect of PHP called Hack(lang) which introduces a slew of new language features such as an extremely robust static type checking system, improved lambda support, native collections and... Development and Site Building Advanced Kazanir
Drupal 8 Theming Overview Drupal 8 made huge improvements to the theme developer experience. Wrapping your head around all the changes can be intimidating but it doesn’t have to be. Learn more about the major changes to the theme layer in Drupal 8, including; new core base themes, updates to coding standards, managing CSS & JS assets with the new libraries system; responsive images in core and everything you need to know to get started with the Twig templating engine. This session is... Beginner Beginner zrpnr
Drutopia - Building a Drupal for the Grassroots Drutopia is an initiative within the Drupal project that prioritizes putting the best online tools into the hands of grassroots groups. By embracing the liberatory possibilities of free software and supporting people-centred economic models, Drutopia aims to revolutionize the way we work and cooperate. Drutopia is at once an ethos of Drupal development and a fresh take on Drupal distributions for users to build upon, all based in a governance model that gives users a large role in the... Business and Open Source Beginner cedewey
Managing the Giant - Bring Order and Accord to Your Project Managing projects is hard. Waterfall can help you define a project up front, but details change like sand under your feet. Cowboy and Extreme programming is terrifying for your stakeholders, leading to miscommunication. Your process is a jumbled mess and you want to just get your arms around it and wrestle it the ground. Project management starts from initial client contracting right through to delivery of a system and support of that project. Effective project managers have made a science of... Business and Open Source Beginner MatthewS
Backing yourself Into An Accessible Corner Most people look at accessibility as a front enders problem, but the truth is without proper, semantic, HTML, no amount of theming will help you become a cool A11y Cat. In this session, I will go over items a back end developer should consider when generating quality, accessible markup. Development and Site Building Beginner markie
"Agile" is a Dirty Word “Agile” is a dirty word, it can be used as a buzzword, but in my work with Stanford Off-Campus Learning Opportunities (SOLO), I’ve learned that Agile software development done right is extremely effective.   This session will be a case study that will step away from an ephemeral discussion and focus on Agile’s practical inner workings, and how our team learned to be agile about Agile.   Business and Open Source Beginner jcrespo
Page Layouts with Drupal 8 There are many ways to achieve complex page layouts in Drupal. A complex page may contain a mix of node content, Drupal Core blocks, Views blocks and other elements. Some of these techniques we mastered in Drupal 7 are now unfamiliar in Drupal 8. Come learn about different Drupal 8 page layout methods including: Panels Context Display Suite Custom Code using a Controller and TWIG template You'll leave with more confidence about when to use a particular layout method and have the knowledge of... Development and Site Building Intermediate joelsteidl
Digital Analytics Data Collection Architecture Overview I will show a concept system with DOM markup for the data collection system to hook onto, then the data collection system performs logic and data cleanup, populates the data layer, triggers appropriate tags, which perform custom logic on data layer elements, then sends to end points. Then I'll discuss the front-end QA and data quality monitoring. Front End Intermediate lindsayo
Quick and dirty - A radical approach to Drupal How many ways are there to skin a cat?!? Certainly not as many as there are to skin Drupal! But what if there was only ONE way to "theme" Drupal, and it was really easy, extensible, intuitive, and testable? In this session I'll be presenting "Catalyst", a tool for rapid Drupal development (some will call it hacking) and show off a few of the many things that you can produce with it. Catalyst might be described as an inline IDE for Drupal. It has many uses and can be used by pretty much anybody... Front End Beginner lee20
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