Pricing Strategy and Planning

In an ever evolving marketplace of freelancers and agencies, it is important to not undersell your services. Choosing an approach that makes your services affordable to the right kind of client and works with the rest of your goals can be confusing.  We’ll look at how to focus on values, what differentiates you and how to leverage what make you unique to get to the best prices possible.


This presentation will cover:

  • How to uncover the right pricing strategy to ‘fund your life’ by better valuing your own work.

  • How to articulate differentiation and focus on value instead of price.

  • Choosing hourly vs fixed bid pricing based on the situation.

  • When and how to bundle additional services like hosting, SEO and support services.

Speaker(s): mcdwayne Time: August 13 - Day 1 4:00pm-4:45pm Room: Recital Hall Track: Business and Open Source Experience level: Beginner