Drutopia - Building a Drupal for the Grassroots

Drutopia is an initiative within the Drupal project that prioritizes putting the best online tools into the hands of grassroots groups. By embracing the liberatory possibilities of free software and supporting people-centred economic models, Drutopia aims to revolutionize the way we work and cooperate.

Drutopia is at once an ethos of Drupal development and a fresh take on Drupal distributions for users to build upon, all based in a governance model that gives users a large role in the direction of the project.

This session will-

  • give an overview of the platform coop movement
  • briefly cover the origins and folks involved in Drutopia thus far
  • share the roadmap for the project
  • dive into the many concrete ways people can contribute to and benefit from the project.
Speaker(s): cedewey Time: August 14th - Day 2 10:30am-11:15am Room: Recital Hall Track: Business and Open Source Experience level: Beginner