Selling Drupal - Confessions of a Solutions Architect

Here at DrupalCamp, we all the think Drupal is the best thing since wifi. Unfortunately not every prospective customer feels the same way…..yet.


When prospects are looking for a new CMS platform, they could be comparing Drupal with anything from proprietary systems such as Adobe or Sitecore to other open source software like Wordpress or Joomla. How do we differentiate Drupal, but more importantly, how do we elevate the conversation above just a mundane comparison exercise?


My job as a Solutions Architect is to get the technical win - for Drupal, for Acquia, and for our partners. In the case of CMS competes, that means getting the Drupal win. In this session, I'll share selling secrets and special "demo-fu" that help our Acquia pre-sales team get the technical win for Drupal in deals, large and small.


Topics I’ll cover include:


- Value selling Drupal

- Knowing your CMS competition

- Presenting effective demos


After this session, you will have a better understanding of how to sell Drupal by focusing on value, not features. You’ll have a better understanding of the competition, and you’ll leave with tools and techniques to take into your next sales calls and demos to absolutely nail the technical win.

Speaker(s): mtndan Time: August 13 - Day 1 2:00pm-2:45pm Room: Room 313 Track: Business and Open Source Experience level: Beginner