Managing the Giant - Bring Order and Accord to Your Project

Managing projects is hard. Waterfall can help you define a project up front, but details change like sand under your feet. Cowboy and Extreme programming is terrifying for your stakeholders, leading to miscommunication. Your process is a jumbled mess and you want to just get your arms around it and wrestle it the ground.

Project management starts from initial client contracting right through to delivery of a system and support of that project. Effective project managers have made a science of mitigating risk, thrilling clients, managing budgets, and keeping projects on time. This session will draw on those arts.

We will talk about:

- How to embrace Agile
- Sprints can minimize risk and maximize stakeholder satisfaction
- How planning can be made smarter and more effective using Agile.
- How to make sprints work in a services company, a media site, or in a corporate environment
- How Epics, Stories, Tasks, and Pointing make things SO clear for stakeholders, project managers, product owners, and developers.

Project management requires a blend of techniques and tools to effectively shepherd projects from ideation to release. We'll explore and discuss different tools that can help make your project successful. Lets get together and explore how to effectively use the Agile Scrum Methodology to wrestle that giant to the ground.

Speaker(s): MatthewS Time: August 14th - Day 2 2:00pm-2:45pm Room: Room 313 Track: Business and Open Source Experience level: Beginner