Delivering mail in Drupal 8

The idea of sending mail is to get it to the end user and get them to read it right? We'll talk about the first part of that, sending, but also how to make sure it gets all the way there and (hopefully) doesn't just end up being tossed. 


* Sending email from code

* Building the body[] array in hook_mail()

* Altering email sent by another module

* Development environments and debugging

* Production environments: Clean IPs, SPF, DKIM

* Mail services like Mandrill and Sendgrid

* Swiftmailer, Mail System, and HTML Email


Presentation Materials:  Presentation Slides and Presentation in running document.

@trobey pointed out the excellent service from Send an email from your site to and you'll get a reply with a complete analysis of SPF/DKIM results and many other things (example). Excellent.

Speaker(s): rfay Time: August 13 - Day 1 2:00pm-2:45pm Room: Concert Hall Track: Development and Site Building Experience level: Intermediate