Automated Visual regression testing and Drupal

What is Visual Regression Testing?


Well, it's testing your site for the introduction of bugs (regressions) that affect the look of your site. Maybe you added some styling to one of the product pages on your eCommerce site, and after you pushed those changes to production you find out that, inadvertently, you affected the layout of your checkout page. Or a tweak to the footer layout broke the mega menus in a subsection of the site. Visual Regression Testing is the process you go through to catch those types of things that cause us to stay up nights, clicking through your client site after you made changes, hoping you catch them before the client does.


In this session we'll talk about some of the tools available to help us with the tedious and time consuming task of Visual Regression Testing, demo the Drulenium module


Drulenium Visual Testing Concept:

  1. The system takes Image screenshots of web pages, before you make changes like site upgrades to your site.
  2. The system takes another set of Image screenshots of web pages, after you make changes
  3. The system calculates the difference of image pixels that changed and generates an animated GIF to look at
Speaker(s): TechNikh Time: August 13 - Day 1 3:00pm-3:45pm Room: Room 315 Track: Development and Site Building Experience level: Beginner