Jump Start GSAP JS & TimelineLite

GSAP has been the most respected tool in Flash animation for almost a decade. The SWF party's over though man. We're like the 20-somethings at a high school kegger. But wait! Greensock is a here to make us cool again! With GSAP JS and their TimelineLite framework, we can animate like its 1999! Oh, and it's easy. You'll learn how to put your tweens on a timeline. Bend timelines to your will by reversing, slowing and even staggering them. Put timelines in timelines. Be the daddy of animation again. Then pop it in Drupal 8!


Speaker(s): Alne1147 Time: August 13 - Day 1 11:30am-12:15pm Room: Room 314 Track: Front End Experience level: Beginner