While DrupalCamp Colorado is all about connecting with people in the Drupal and web development community, it's also about learning Drupal.  That's why at this year's DrupalCamp we'll be raffling off tons of great prizes from awesome sponsors like JetBrains, Drupalize.me, Code School and more!

Every attendee will receive a raffle ticket with their badge when they check-in, but there will be chances to earn extra raffle tickets throughout the camp.  Let's just say that volunteering can be a very rewarding experience.

Prizes will be raffled off during the closing session, so make sure you stay till the end.  We'll also be raffling off a couple of bonus prizes before Sunday's keynote, so don't be late!


The Rules

  • You must be present at the time your ticket is called to claim your prize.
  • You may win more than one prize (if you have more than one ticket), but wouldn't it be nice to share?
  • Prizes will be raffled off before Sunday's keynote and during Sunday's closing session.
  • Member FDIC.
  • Void where prohibited.
  • Batteries not included.


The Prizes

Finally!  Here's the good stuff.  This year we'll be raffling off:

  • Three (3) 1-month memberships to Drupalize.me
  • Three (3) sets of 2 Drupal eBooks, courtesy of Packt Publishing
  • An autographed copy of "Programmer's Guide to Drupal, 2nd Ed" by Jennifer Hodgdon
  • Three (3) 1-month subscriptions to BuildAModule
  • Four (4) PHPStorm licenses, courtesy of JetBrains
  • Six (6) 3-month subscriptions to Code School
  • ...and more?

If your company would like to help sponsor the camp by donating raffle prizes, please contact us right away!

Don't forget, registration for the camp is required, but payment is optional.  The camp is run on donations from attendees and sponsors, so if you'd like a chance to win any of these great prizes, please register today and help us keep DrupalCamp Colorado open to everyone by donating what you can.